Former Group members

Snomipede project, Post doctoral research

by Dr. Bin Zhao

Structure and dynamics of supramolecular liquid crystals

by Dr. Christa Weber

Characterisation of the cell wall mechanics of staphylococcus aureus using AFM

by Dr. David Owen

Snomipede project, building a multi-cantilever near-field lithography tool

by Dr. Ehtsham-ul-Haq

using AFM to study the mechanical and adhesive properties of breast cancer cells

by Dr Jake Albon

Large area high speed afm

by Dr Jau-Yi Wang

Understanding and Enhancing the Resonant Scanning VideoAFM

by Dr. Jeremy Howard-Knight

High resolution AFM imaging of living bacterial surfaces

by Dr. Jonathan Burns

In situ measurement on block copolymers

by Dr. Jonathan Eddleston

In situ AFM studies of the crystallization of PE and PE containing block copolymers

by Dr. Lamiaa Alharbe

development of VideoAFM for in vivo imaging of biological processes Dr. Lekshmi Kailas

by Dr. Lekshmi Kailas

developing methods for maskless photolithography and applying them to controlling neurite growth

by Dr. Nusrat Sajid

In-situ studies of polymer surface crystallization

by Dr. Oliver Farrance

stormforce microscopy for understanding bacterial growth and death

Combining super-resolution optical microscopy with atomic force microscopy to provide the chemical specificity of fluorescence with the resolution of AFM.

by Dr. Raveen Tank

semicrystalline polymers by scanning probe microscopy

With the aim to better understand the nucleation and growth process, the packing structure, and to determine the role played by branchings, fillers and defects

by Dr. Rebecca Savage

mechanics of bacterial cells during cell division Dr. Rik Bailey

by Dr. Rik Bailey

combining AFM measurements of leaf cell mechanics with modelling to obtain an improved understanding of leaf morphogenesis

by Dr. Ross Carter

Automated indentation analysis technique for the investigation of plant and fungal cell nano-mechanics using Atomic Force Microscopy

by Dr. Sovatzoglou Spyridon

watching polymer deformation and fracture with AFM

by Dr. Stephen Jackson

Synchotron x-ray analysis of the impact of temperature on ultra-long alkane crystal structure

by Dr. Tim Lord

polymer crystallization and high speed AFM

by Dr. Tsvetelin Vasilev